Trends in Meeting Design, Meetovation


At the MPI World Education Congress, 2015, an intriguing session was presented by MPIs members from Denmark, focused on a new meeting design paradigm.

Meetovation includes concepts that increase the outcome of the time and money spent on bringing people together.  The design concepts make meetings more efficient and responsible, while engaging participants actively and using meeting facilities in a creative and flexible way.

  1. Return on Investment – measuring ROI is a key concept of Meetovation.  While we’re all called to measure ROI for every meeting, Meetovation makes sure you are defining the objectives of your meeting.
  2. Responsible thinking
    1. Socially responsible programs, CSR, volunteerism, green meetings,
    2. Exercise  – bike to sessions, yoga sessions, running
    3. Food – brain food
  1. Local inspiration – visit local attractions and let the local cuisine be a part of the program
    1. Gardens – walk and talks
    2. Local décor in banquet room
  2. Active involvement – Audience engagement – group work, walk and talks, reflection time
  3. Creative set up – look outside the conventional meeting room set up
    1. Furniture layout, soft furnishings, charging stations, café set up
    2. outdoor venues

You can learn more about Meetovation here .

Have some meeting design paradigms to share?  Email me, would love to hear from you!

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