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The CVB Partnership

With our upcoming HelmsBriscoe conference approaching, (and many of our industry partners travelling to Phoenix to visit and partner with our associates) I wanted to outline the fantastic relationships we have with destinations around the world when sourcing meetings and conferences for our clients.  We typically work with a destination’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (sometimes called a DMO – Destination Management/Marketing Organization) when researching for our clients’ conferences.  Many DMOs extend financial assistance to clients who book their destination, as well as local guidance with offsite venues, site visit support and other important resources.  Their partnership with HB is an important part of the planning process in providing value to our clients.

When working alongside the DMO, the client gets the best of both worlds:

  • HB’s research – laid out in an easy-to-read format comparing apples to apples– no hodge podge of proposals in differing formats
  • HB’s unbiased research of all venues (regardless if they are part of the DMO or not)
  • HB’s advice on what hotels are a good fit based on your goals and objectives
  • HB’s buying power in the negotiations process
  • HB’s collection of your historical information, year over year
  • the DMOs financial assistance  for site visits for you to come visit their destination
  • the DMOs offsite venue recommendations and new and trendy places to take your delegates
  • potential financial assistance from the DMO if you choose them for your program – all sourced by your HB associate

Our HB associates  use these relationships to ensure our clients are getting top-of-class service on their programs.




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