The Bucket List

A few months ago, someone asked me what was on my “bucket list”.  Although I had never seen the movie that created said phenomenon, I knew what the intent of the “bucket list” was.

Having said that, I didn’t know what was on my “bucket list”.  I had to think quick on my feet, but now that I’ve had time to process what I really want on my list, I’ve researched and seen some interesting trends.

According,  some of the top bucket list items include

  1. Getting married
  2. Skydiving
  3. Going on a cruise
  4. Getting a tattoo
  5. Running a marathon

All admirable items, yes, and I suppose that is what makes the “list” personal and unique to each individual.  I had to go a bit deeper to create my list (mainly because I’ve achieved 3 of the above, but never really considered them bucket list material prior to achieving them).

And so, I’m attempting to create my own, unique, bucket list.  Here goes:

  1. Visit Turkey (I’m actually going there this summer, which begs the question – did I really want to go to Turkey, or did I add it to the list to feel a sense of completion?)
  2. Visit the Czech Republic.

(pause……. What else is on my list??  Have I been working so hard on building my career that I forgot to dream???)

  1. Wine tour through Italy.  These bucket list items are all sounding “travel” related.
  2. Get my sommelier certificate.  Now they’re sounding all “wine” related.

(why can’t I do this?)

  1. Take my kids to Harry Potter World (obligatory “family” bucket list item)
  2. Retire with a cute little place in Canmore (obligatory “retirement home” bucket list item).

Perhaps I need to see the movie, perhaps it took Morgan Freeman 40 years to create his list.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.  I would ask for advice on how to build my list, but then it wouldn’t be my own.

Is anyone else struggling with their list?

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