My “R”s for 2014

I don’t like setting New Year’s Resolutions.  Like most people, my resolutions never really last through the third day before I break them.  For many years, my “goals” for an upcoming year have proven more successful.  If I fall down, I still have 300 days to pick myself up and try again for success.

So “R” is actually not for “Resolution”, but rather all my yearly goals this year have taken on the letter “R”.  Each and every decision I make this year, my goal is to consider if it meets one of my “R”s.

REST – According to Marcus Buckingham’s research, one of my strengths is as a Creator.  I resonate strongly with all a Creator does, including always requiring productivity.  Problem is, Creators never take the time to celebrate achievements, or “rest”.  This is the year I enjoy some rest.  This “R” is woven into every one of my “R”s below.

READ – I’m terrible at reading, and I can only read non-fiction.  This year, however, I vow to read more.  I’m going to try replacing my Facebook time, with a page or 2 of my book.  Not to fear, Facebook, your very own Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” is on my bookshelf and I’m halfway done! Not bad for only February!

RELATIONSHIPS – Coupled with “rest” is the need to spend more time with quality people.  The past few years, I’ve put more time into work and taking care of my household, than spending time with amazing people.  This doesn’t mean I’m taking a year off work, but I plan on spending time with people who energize me, allowing me to be better at my work.

REBUILD MY HEALTH – Seeing the pattern?  No rest, overworked, stressed out.  All factors that contributed to a very unstable health pattern in my life.  I’m on the road to health again, and all the other “R”s will certainly feed that.

RUN, RESISTANCE TRAINING – Although I actually have been doing this quite well, I need to do it better.  Perhaps I won’t do more workouts, but just better workouts.  I want to actually learn how to run, rather than just going out there and pounding the pavement.  I do weight training, but now I need to focus on moves that allow me to run faster, or jump higher.

RECIPES – I love to cook, but time slipped away and I did very little of that.  Tackling my vast collection of recipe books, and perhaps hosting more people at the house, will feed a couple of my “R”s.

REFOCUS MY BUSINESS – Business is good, heck, business is great, but now its time to refocus and really strategize each move I make.  I’ve partnered with a fantastic lady who allows me to focus on my strengths.  I’m hoping in time, she manages ME, and forces me to get back to what I love about my career (hint hint Andrea!!)

I’m curious as to how YOU like to organize your New Year’s goals.  Do you also pick a letter that resonates through your day?  Or perhaps a list of 3 keywords?  Or perhaps you have some traditional resolutions, and the strength to achieve those one by one?  Whatever your method, and your method of sharing with others, set yourself up for success.  Don’t bemoan the small setbacks, look at them as opportunities to start again, and refocus your growth.  All the best in 2014!

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