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Productivity Tips, Habits to Eliminate from Your Routine

As busy professionals, we make the most out of every moment.  Some activities can be very counter-productive to optimal effectiveness, here is a list of items that we can all work on to eliminate from our lives for the utmost productivity and balance:

  1. Using your phone/computer in bed – the blue light emitted from electronic devices hinders your sleep quality, and we need all the sleep we can get with our busy schedules!
  2. Surfing the internet – we’re all guilty of it, but how much of that “knowledge” are you retaining, or using again in helpful circumstances?
  3. Notifications on your devices – the constant distraction of pinging pulls your brain out of its optimal working condition. Stop the pings, focus on the task at hand.
  4. Multitasking – people often think this is being uber-productive, but essentially you’re giving multiple tasks partial attention. Give your full attention to one task at a time.
  5. Gossiping and thinking about toxic people – see #2. Is it really feeding your brain and your relationships?  Building people up and building relationships with authentic people will stimulate you to be more productive and happy.
  6. Comparing yourself to others – Forget about trying to be the best “someone else”. That job is already taken, and quite frankly, you don’t want it.  There’s only one you, so be the best “you” you can be!


And finally, we at HB want you to be more productive with the strengths and skills you have.  Put your strengths to work, while leaving the hotel search and contracting to us!  That’s our strength, it’s where we’re most productive!  Let us give you that time back to be the best “you” you can be; we’re here to help!


Have a bright and productive week!


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