My social media to-do list…..

Today I travelled to Edmonton to hear about social media technologies from the meetings’ industry’s  resident technology expert and social media guru, Mr. James Spellos.  I’ve had the privilege of hearing James speak on a number of occasions.  The words that come to mind  after coming out of one of his sessions include “energizing”, “overwhelming” and “behind”.  He provides us with so many great tools, you need to approach it piece by piece or you’ll drown in all that you need/want to do to keep up with him!

The truth about social media – you don’t need to do it all, you just need to do it.  Just start.

James suggests the following tools as being driving forces in social media for business – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.  If you have a presence on those tools, perhaps its time to expand and take a look at a few others.

Piktochart – this tool allows you to create infographics quickly and easily.  Think powerpoint/photoshop with requiring a physics doctorate to use.

Zite  – a curation tool that delivers content to your iPhone or iPad based on your interests.

Pocket– find an online article you want to read, but can’t right now because you’re in line at the grocery store and your ice-cream is melting…. put it in your pocket to read it later

QR code generator – create a QR code for any webpage, in literally seconds.  Its a jpeg.  In the time it took me to write this sentence, i could have created 5 QR codes.

These are just a quick few, and ones I need to start using yesterday.  Happy connecting!!


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