Implementing Twitter at Conferences, for the Non-Twitter User – Why Use Twitter at Your Event

Implementing Twitter at Conferences, for the Non-Twitter User

There are lots of great articles and lists of how to implement Twitter into conferences, but what if you yourself are not proficient at Twitter, and neither are your delegates?  We’re going “back to basics” and including how even you, @twitterrookie, can create engagement at your conferences with #socialmedia.
This 4-part Series will include:

  1. Why Use Twitter at your Events
  2. Twitter vocabulary
  3. How to Implement a Twitter Strategy at Your Event
  4. What to teach your delegates about twitter conference etiquette

Why use twitter to create engagement at your events:

Everyone is doing it, but why should you as a conference planner or conference chair?

  1. Create excitement for your event – use twitter as a promo tool year-round, at no charge to your bottom line!
  2. Share information – Twitter is a great way to share information with others who cannot attend the conference, or even the session you’re attending
  3. Real time feedback – speakers can watch a twitter feed to gauge the energy of the audience, or answer questions posed by their audience
  4. Solve problems – Twitter can relay, in real time, information to conference organizers who can act on the information to enhance the event.  For example, is it too cold in your session room?  Did the buffet line run out of sandwiches?
  5. Building interpersonal connections – Are you looking to connect with someone?  You can leverage twitter to connect with them.
  6. Real-time event planning – Do you want to plan an impromptu “after conference get-together”?  You can let people know using twitter.
  7. Popularity contest – use the data from twitter as a report of popular sessions, or data that a sponsor would find useful!
  8. Year over year metrics – use your twitter metrics year over year to measure engagement, satisfaction, and other measurable results
  9. Post-conference follow up – You can keep the energy of a conference alive and well once it’s over by providing post-conference materials through twitter, like post-event surveys!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Twitter Vocabulary, to be published on March 7th, 2013

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