Implementing Twitter at Conferences, for the Non-Twitter User – What to Teach Your Delegates

Not only is this your first time with Twitter, but now you are creating a Twitter educational session for your delegates. Whether this is done through a pre-conference webinar, or a pre-conference session, or through twitter itself, here are some tips that both you and your delegates should follow to create the most-engaging twitter chat about your event:

1. Engage, Inform, Retweet – for each tweet you draft, ask yourself if the tweet will do one of the 3 things – engage an audience, inform the audience of something, or retweeting someone who engages and informs. What we’re trying to avoid here are the tweets that read “I’m sitting on my patio”. With all the information that is blasted our way each and every day, do we really care if you’re sitting on your patio?

2. KISS – Keep It Simple Smarty-pants. Twitter is the BEST social media tool for this – keeping characters to 140 character limit. They do this for a reason. Keep It Simple will ensure its being read.

3. Use the hashtag – don’t forget to add the conference hashtag to each tweet, otherwise it will not reach your audience.

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