Implementing Twitter at Conferences for the Non-Twitter User – Twitter Vocabulary

Twitter Definitions

Last week we looked at “why use Twitter”.  This week we are looking at the “nuts and bolts” of twitter and giving you some vocabulary know-how.

Hashtag?  Retweet?  Reply?  Direct Message?  What does it all mean?

  • Twitter – twitter is a “microblog” where you can share information in 140 characters or less.  These are sound-bites; they “get to the point” and engage the audience quickly.
  • Username or handle – this is the name you create when you start your twitter account. When you post to twitter, your posts will appear with the @ sign before your username.  My username is @lcalderwood
  • Hashtag – using a # sign before a subject groups all the tweets that use that hashtag.  For example, if you want to search tips on nutrition, simply search in twitter with #nutrition and you’ll see what everyone has posted who used #nutrition.  This is where you create engagement for your events.
  • Followers – you can “follow” twitter users, which means their tweets show up on your homepage timeline.  There are also tools available to help you manage and categorize your followers.
  • Retweet (RT).  Is there a tweet that you think is worthy of spreading to a larger audience?  Retweeting puts the soundbite out there again, to your followers and your hashtags followers.  The tweet will start with “RT”.
  • Reply – want to send a public message to someone?  Reply to their tweet; they will be notified of the mention
  • Direct message (d)  – you can privately send a message (again, only 140 characters) using direct message.  It will appear as “d” prior to their username in your tweet.
  • Modified Tweet (MT) – when retweeting, sometimes it runs the character count too long.  You can “modify” the tweet and delete unnecessary characters to stay within the 140 character limit.  Note:  simply change the RT to MT when you modify a tweet.

Here are some of my most followed hashtags as a meeting professional – #eventprofs, #mpi, #pcma, #whyusehb, #EIR (engage, inform, retweet), #engage365, #socialmedia, #goals

Next week we look at how to start a twitter campaign for your conference.

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