Implementing Twitter at Conferences, for the Non-Twitter User – Starting a Twitter Campaign

Starting a Twitter Campaign for your Conference

Now that you as the conference planner or chair have some twitter fundamentals, it’s time to start your conference twitter campaign.

1. Creation – Months prior to your event, create a hashtag for your event.

  • Keep it short and memorable. For our MPI World Education Congress in 2012, the hashtag was #wec12
  • Test drive your hashtag – do a search for your proposed hashtag, to see if its already used


2. Marketing – Advertise the hashtag with all conference correspondence. Website, registration forms, emails. Include twitter handles for various audiences:

  • speakers
  • sponsors
  • exhibitors
  • delegates
  • planning team

3. Twitter Guru – Assign someone to monitor you tweets – the hashtag to deliver information will only work if the information is being shared. Especially onsite when the buffet line runs out of sandwiches – you need that information in real time.

4. Twitter team – Identify those who are proficient at twitter and engage them to tweet about your event. Perhaps a small incentive will help with this initiative.

5. Internet bandwidth – ensure your facility has enough bandwidth to accommodate multiple smartphone users. No sense creating twitter buzz if no one can get enough bandwidth to tweet anything.

6. Namebadges – print your delegate’s twitter handle on his/her namebadge.

7. Twitter education session – whether done through a pre-conference youtube webinar, or a beginning session onsite at the conference, host a session where you can go over twitter basics and get everyone set up.

Have you seen other strategies employed with success? Send them to me at lcalderwood{at}helmsbriscoe{dot}com

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