Duck Sightings at the Peabody Orlando

I’ve arrived at the Peabody Orlando for this year’s HelmsBriscoe Annual Business Conference.  I’ve always been a fan of the Peabody – who doesn’t like a hotel that glorifies the world’s greatest animal – the duck.

Why is the duck the world’s greatest animal?  Well, they can swim, they can waddle and they can fly.  And they always quack us up with their antics.

And so to celebrate my week of staying in this duck-filled hotel, I’m going to list all the duck sightings around the Peabody Orlando property (list will be updated frequently 😉

  • duck shaped soap in the bathroom
  • duck insignia on the flat soaps in the bathroom
  • duck insignia on the bed pillows
  • duck insignia on the bath mat
  • duck insignia on the elevator floor
  • cocktail napkins that narrate The Legend Of The Duck
  • duck artwork in the bathroom
  • duck stirstix in hotel lounge, Napa
  • duck cookie cutters

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