CSAE Toronto 2016 – Trends Shaping the Future of Meetings

My personal notes taken from a session on PCMA’s Trends Shaping the Future of Meetings at this year’s past CSAE conference in October 2016, Toronto ON.  More information about PCMA’s predictions can be found here 

  1. Sensory analytics – capture an event’s pulse with the Internet of Things
    • Data will be collected and connected to make adjustments in real time – can measure, see where people are going, adjust on the fly,
    • We need to be able to make these adjustments minute-to-minute – flexible, effective, onsite,
    • For attendees – opt in and opt out of communications
    • Data scientists required to watch the data, and respond
  2. Tribalization- cultivate kinships to develop outcomes
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Co-creation
    • Meet-ups
    • “facilitator” of meaningful connections – this is ME with OMEC, lol
    • For attendees, content facilitated
    • Social media – its why it exists – discussion, sharing
    • Community – fun runs, charity events at meetings
  3. Content Safaris – empower the non-linear journey
    • Media reaches people through a variety of channels
    • Meetings need to involve as many channels as possible to provide content, marketing, etc
    • Examples – repeat sessions, creating new sessions based on popularity, adjusted on the fly
    • Produce and evolve content quickly
    • Learning formats need to weave into one another
  4. Living 360- moving from wellness to wholeness
    • Physical, emotional, spiritual, social
    • Food, beverage, lighting, furniture, smell, sound, air quality, temperature
    • Fitbit challenges
    • Nap rooms, meditation rooms,
  5. Immersive Telepresence – video conferencing
    • Connecting with people who can’t be there
    • Immersive – virtual reality
    • Robots that can move through the space

How do we put the attendee first to create engaging experiences no matter the location?

Leanne attends conferences each year to learn skills that she can use to better her services to clients, and pass along knowledge to clients that may help them in their work with their associations and corporations.  To learn more about Leanne’s professional development journey for 2017, reach out to her!

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