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CSAE Toronto 2016 – Event Marketing Ecosystem – Rachel Stephan

My personal notes taken from a session on Event Marketing at this year’s past CSAE conference in October 2016, Toronto ON.  More information about event marketing with Rachel can be found here. 

Event Marketing Ecosystem with Rachel Stephan

12 month engagement – 365 days of promotion and engagement

Plan the attendee Journey map – what are our different demographics
• Stage of life
• Socio-economic
• How they get info
• Influences
• What’s in it for me?

Email is still top performing for marketing
1. Email marketing
2. Event website
3. Video marketing
4. Social media

Email marketing
• Need to personalize the communication to the delegate type /demographic – if they have already registered, don’t “spam” them further
• Personalize subject line
• Make sharing easy via social sharing
• Mobile friendly
• Include some “click to tweet” statements, making it easy for them to share

Website landing page
• Create urgency, with early bird
• “why I should attend this event”
• Click to tweet, share
• Price comparison and show who has booked in the last hour… creates sense of emergency
Video marketing
• Most people prefer video to text
• Use speakers to give short videos – give them tips on what to share etc.

Social Media
• Pick the right hashtag – test it out
• Symplur – can check out conference hashtags

Leanne attends conferences each year to learn skills that she can use to better her services to clients, and pass along knowledge to clients that may help them in their work with their associations and corporations.  To learn more about Leanne’s professional development journey for 2017, reach out to her!

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