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Why Can’t I Do That? Four Commonly Asked Contract Negotiation Questions

Often when we negotiate our supplier contracts, or plan our meetings, we find ourselves sometimes asking “why can’t I do that at the hotel?” or “why is it so expensive to do this?”.  These are great questions to ask yourself!  It means you’re challenging status quo and doing what’s best for your organization!  Often times, there are legitimate reasons for why your suppliers have had to say no, or stick a hefty price tag to your request.  Below are a few common “why can’t I do that” scenarios:

  • Why Can’t I Bring In My Own Caterer to the Convention Centre? – this isn’t only about revenue and cost recovery for the convention centre, but often its more about health, worker safety and liability issues if something happens to your delegation. Using the convention centre’s preferred caterer is most often in your best interests.
  • Why Can’t I Negotiate Parking? Parking is often controlled by a different company than the hotel or convention centre, leaving it outside the control of the amiable salesperson with whom you’re working on your venue contract.
  • Why Is Meeting Room Internet SOOO Expensive?? Short story, wiring a facility for 500+ connections is a lot different than wiring your home.  It can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars to create high-speed connectivity for so many people in high concentration.  Long story…. watch for a future blog post J
  • Why Do I Need to Guarantee So Many Guest Rooms? Convention hotels are likely built specifically to attract conference revenue versus business travellers and vacationers.  Guest room revenue is where hotels make their most profit, so selling those rooms along with the meeting space is good business sense.  More on this in a future blog post….

Although these scenarios could affect your programs, our goal first and foremost is to be your advocate and work with the hotels on resolution that helps our clients achieve their goals.

What other questions do you have about contracts?  Let me know and I may include in a future blog post!

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