2015 – Focus on Servant hood

Last year my resolutions followed a certain rule per say – my resolutions included Rest, Read, Relationships, Rebuild my Health, Running, Recipes and Refocus.  It was a great year, a very successful year in all areas.  Could I have done better?  Absolutely!!  There’s always room to improve!!  However I feel I did rather well, achieving personal success in many areas.

In looking at this year’s resolutions, I really struggled with finding a theme.  Looking back at 2014, I saw a rather disturbing trend – all of my objectives focused around, well, me.  Not to take away from the success I achieved, but it was rather selfish and self-centred.

In September, I saw a speaker by the name of Matt Tenney.  Matt has built his reputation and company on serving others and inspiring greatness in others.  His presentation inspired me.  Here is a man who is completely happy, by finding ways to serve other people each and every day.

When he meets someone, he asks himself “how can I serve this person today?”.  Some answers come easier than others, but he is always looking for a way to help another person.  What if we all did that?  What if I did that??

“Pay it forward”, a  phrase coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 2016 book Garden of Delights, and a fun trend inspired by a book and movie of the same name, is a similar way of thinking.  Complete strangers showing kindness to one another, in the hopes that they would pass it along to another stranger.  What if we “payed it forward” more often than when it was trending on Facebook, or when the media decides to highlight the story?  What if I started “paying it forward” on a regular basis?

And so my resolution for 2015 – To Serve Others.  Inspired by Matt Tenney’s natural tendency to act with kindness, I will try to find ways to serve the people I meet, see how I can best meet their needs, or at least make their day a little brighter.

Find Matt Tenney at www.matttenney.com  on twitter @matttenney1, on Facebook and his book, Serve To Be Great

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